About Us

We’re Town & Country

We have been installing and repairing all kinds of HVAC systems in homes in Northern Minnesota for 24 years. This includes air exchangers, fireplaces, boilers, furnaces, mini splits. We listen to the customer and approach every system and solution as if the home were our own and the money being spent was ours as well.

If you want a contractor that is serious about helping you make your home a more comfortable place to be, then you need to call us. We will make your entire home have the climate desired in every room, every day. We have partnered with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry that have our back as well. We will always stay with the job until the client is satisfied.

Our Approach & Values

We believe that your comfort is most important. That’s why our systems encompass the totality of the air inside your home. It’s not just about the temperature but the cleanliness of the air, the noise the system makes, (or doesn’t make) and how much it costs to run monthly.


"Jim and his guys were very friendly and knowledgeable about the system I have, even if it wasn't from him. When I called, he set a time and was there when he said and fixed the problem right the first time."

Phil Heinrichs


"Prompt with repair needs and very friendly to work with. I appreciate they are local and have the best interests of you and your home in mind."

Adam Marx


"We contracted Jim to do HVAC work for new construction and he did a great job. He was on time and did good work. I really enjoyed working with him."

Shawn Justesen


"Prompt service even on a Saturday evening! Quality work at a reasonable price."

Brian Vail


"These guys are great, give them a call! Very knowledgeable and professional, did a great job."

Josh Pederson

Healthy Air for a Healthy Family